About Three Dots Sustainable Consulting

At Three Dots Sustainable Consulting, we have taken sustainability and digested it into concepts and processes that businesses can apply to their operations and culture. We aim to help you visualize the paradigm shift needed to truly be sustainable and reap its full benefits through a new prosperous form that encompasses people, planet and profit.

Our objectives are:

• Understand your business and how sustainable change will positively impact it
• Create your own sustainable plan
• Ease implementation plan within your company
• Help change culture by getting involvement, participation and commitment
• Sustain and enhance your sustainability plan and goals

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a catalyst for success.

Sustainability is a business model that values the integration of a company with its environment and community as a strategy to insure longevity.

Sustainability fosters:

• Brand recognition: by creating a workplace culture that is the muscle behind a company’s attributes
• Good stewardship: by guiding your company’s human talent to a common purpose to effectively use natural and financial resources
• Competitiveness: By constantly challenging the organization to align its processes with natural systems to avoid negative impacts and therefore maintaining or increasing profits.
• Innovation: by fueling the drive to regenerate products and services to always remain relevant to the markets. Innovation is used to solve problems.
• Integration: by maximizing the opportunities provided by our community (suppliers, customers, market needs, partnership, local government) to reach the company’s full potential in market share.