Sustainability is a catalyst for success. Sustainability values the integration of a company with its environment and community as a strategy to ensure longevity. Results of a 2010 Accenture survey to over 750 CEOs Worldwide indicate that 93% of CEOs see sustainability as a key competitiveness factor for their firm, 91% understand that innovation will be a key factor in developing sustainability in the coming years, and 96% assume that sustainability in the future will be fully integrated into their firm ’ s operations and strategies.

 Sustainability Benefits and ROI

Sustainability fosters:

• Brand recognition: by creating a workplace culture that is the muscle behind a company’s attributes
• Good stewardship: by guiding your company’s human talent to a common purpose to effectively use natural and financial resources
• Competitiveness: by constantly challenging the organization to align its processes with natural systems to avoid negative impacts and therefore maintaining or increasing profits.
• Innovation: by fueling the drive to regenerate products and services to always remain relevant to the markets. Innovation is used to solve problems.
• Integration: by maximizing the opportunities provided by our community (suppliers, customers, market needs, partnership, local government) to reach the company’s full potential in market share.


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