Sustainability Consulting

We offer advice and assistance in helping your company develop and implement its own sustainable plan. We aim to improve your social and environmental impacts while positively affecting your economic results.

Our services include:

- Indentify areas of opportunity
o  Life-cycle assessment – conservation of materials and improving processes
o  Review transportation methods and supply chain activities
o  Building improvements – conservation of energy and water
- Create a plan of action
- Assist in the plan implementation and engagement of workforce
- Develop monitoring and reporting methods

Sustainability Training In-House

We offer customized training for your workforce, supply chain, customers, tenants, and other company stakeholders to insure participation and implementation of your sustainable plan.

Our on-site training is tailored to your needs and adapted to reach your sustainability objectives. These include:

- Courses to specific groups to improve skills and participation on sustainable policies.
- One-to-one training to senior executives
- Presentations/training to board members and top executives

The key to our success is to combine a persuasive message with a Placemaking strategy of capitalizing on the company’s assets, inspirations and potential. Our training methods focus on assessing the tradeoffs that explain the shareholder’s choice. Our training materials cater to the shareholder’s perceived benefits and costs. We develop presentations that are fun and popular, with intelligent and accessible information to support the expected change.

If you are new to sustainability and need training to develop a full sustainable plan, check our Workshop Series.

If your company needs assistance to develop its own training plan according to specific sustainability programs (environmental or social), contact us to assess your needs at 949-294-6075 or emails us at

We offer consulting and training in Spanish