How do you build a good brand?

A brand is defined as a company’s image. There are visual aspects of a company, like a logo, name or sign that refers to a brand. But a brand is more than that, it is also the emotions it elicits from your customers and other shareholders. Brands arise from attributes that define a company. Often, you will find that a company brand will stand on traits like “quality” and “customers service”. These attributes, although essential, do not develop a specific connection with the customer, mainly because other companies offer the same thing. For a brand to be relevant, it must stand on a particular characteristic that solves a very specific problem or fulfills a psychological need. This premise must be unique and different form another company offering, helping you to differentiate from the competition.

How do you create a sustainable brand?

You want to create a sustainable brand by defining the company clearly and simply, with attributes that can survive internal and external changes and still be true in the long run. I find that Swiss watchmakers do an excellent job in having a sustainable brand. Let’s take Rolex, as an example. Rolex stands for luxury wristwatches. For decades the brand has focused on the same message. The message is a simple powerful idea that it is easy to remember and has an emotional impact on the consumer and other stakeholders. Sure, Rolex has other qualities like precision, quality, durability and innovation. These support the unique premise of luxury. Rolex has a variety of products for different uses, from deep-sea diving to aviation, but its message does not change to be a sport watch company, it stays focused on being a luxury watchmaker. 

Brand and Culture

For a brand to be sustainable, a workforce culture must be developed to be the muscle behind the brand attribute. Without the employees buying into the company’s image, the brand becomes meaningless keywords. Culture is – the values the company has and the way things get done.  From the company values, we can develop the brand qualities that represent the best in a company.

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