Turf Removal






Water Efficient Landscape – Change from Turf (Grass) to Drought Tolerant Plants

Create gardens that are beautiful while allowing you to save on water and maintenance bills. Also conserve water!
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Increase the value of your property by modernizing your landscape to drought tolerant plants. There are great financial benefits from rebates and decrease in water and maintenance bills.  We can work with your existing landscape company to implement the new drought tolerant plants design. You can also work with our professional landscape contractors.  We offer great customer service and design at a very affordable price.  Your cost for hiring us will be most likely paid by the rebates and water savings you will receive. Do not wait any longer, California is experiencing the worst drought in its 163-year history.  Be part of the solution! Contact us for a free assessment: 949 – 294 – 6075; info@3dotsconsulting.com


• Reduce use of water
• Reduce maintenance
• Savings in water and gardening fees
• Modernize property
• Improve property appeal
• Attract native birds and butterflies

Project Management (services offered)

• Prepare design of drought tolerant plants
• Coordinate with utility companies for water rebates
• Estimate water savings projections
• Coordinate with contractor for changing turf removal to drought tolerant plants
• Obtain energy saving rebates from utility company

We have worked in many commercial and residential projects in Southern California. Take advantage of the many rebates for turf removal. Contact us for any of your energy resource management needs 949-294-6075; info@3dotsconsulting.com